Does your website have the potential to generate new leads? And sales opportunities?

Let’s put an end to preconceived ideas right away…

… You don’t need a huge following on social networks,
… you don’t need to post 10 times a day,
… or a gigantic address file …

Digital Marketing: Turn Your Website into a Prospecting Machine

Having an attractive website… That’s good.

Turning it into a prospecting machine… It’s even better.

In the world of digital marketing, every click can translate into a business opportunity.

At WOMBATMEDIA, we open the doors to a digital transformation that goes far beyond mere online existence.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity for any business seeking to thrive in the digital age.

It’s a dynamic ecosystem of diverse strategies and tactics designed to reach, engage and convert your audience.

At WOMBATMEDIA, we understand this dynamic and tailor campaigns to meet your specific needs.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

  • Digital Transformation: Your website is much more than a shop window. We transform it into a genuine lead generation machine, guaranteeing every visitor as a potential opportunity.
  • Marketing Tunnel: From awareness to conversion, we design effective marketing tunnels to guide your prospects through the buying journey.
  • Your Value Content Offer: Developing your value content offer (VCO). We create value-rich content to attract, educate, inform and convert your audience.
  • Traffic Generation: Strategic use of social networks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), targeted advertising on social networks and Google to increase your visibility and drive the right traffic to your prospecting machine.
  • Converting Landing Pages: Optimize conversion with Landing Pages that captivate and inspire visitors to take action.

Two ways to work with us:

Fully taken care of ...
by our agency

Leave it all to us…

We take care of the design, development and installation of your lead generation tunnel. Then we drive traffic to your tunnel and Landing Page for at least 6 months.
From strategy to execution, we drive every step for you. While you’re off doing something more important or fun…

You’re taken care of from A to Z, and we guarantee results. If not, we’ll work for free until you get the results you want.

To find out more, book your no-obligation strategy session with us!

Our VIP days

Get your marketing and communications projects off the ground with a VIP day!
Whether you need to give your website a boost, deploy one of our Ninja-Machines to generate new business opportunities, or define your strategic foundations, we’re here for you.
During this exclusive day, we’ll take on the heavy lifting, guaranteeing you outstanding results in record time.
What’s more, you’ll benefit from our technical and strategic support for 6 weeks.

To find out more, book your no-obligation strategy session with us!


Beyond technical skills, what sets WOMBATMEDIA apart in the digital marketing arena is our commitment to your success.

We’re not just service providers, but partners who share your vision.

Each campaign is a fusion of innovation, strategy and meticulous execution.


Step 01- Build your base

In this first step, our team will familiarize themselves with your market, target, Personas & and create your irresistible offer.

Step 02 – Designing your CMO / Lead Magnet

In this step, we’ll work together to develop a solid VCO (Value Content Offer). You’ll learn everything you need to know about VCOs. We’ll then work with you to create your own VCO, so you can attract new leads and start building your prospect list.

Step 03 – Building your prospecting machine

In this step, we’ll build your prospecting machine, which will bring you business opportunities around the clock. Designing all the elements that make up this machine, including strategic and technical aspects.
At the end of this stage, we’ll launch your prospecting machine and you’ll start generating new business opportunities.

Step 04 – Your tunnel

In this step, we’ll set up your tunnel to educate your prospects and earn their trust. This tunnel will be connected to your prospecting machine.
You’ll have a fully operational, automated tunnel in place.

Step 05 – Generate traffic & new business opportunities

Now that your prospecting machine and tunnel are in place, we’ll generate traffic for you, using different channels (organic, paid and alternative resources).

Ready to Evolve Your Digital Strategy?

Discover how we can turn your online presence into a prospecting machine.

Whether you’re an established SME, or a sole trader, we tailor our solutions to your specific objectives.

Book a free strategy session today.