Deutsche Qualität Made In France

Unlike many of its Franco-French advertising brethren, Wombat is equally adept at communicating in French and German… Mein Gott!

Wombat was founded in 2003 by Nicola Wodtke, a Berliner who has been living in France for over 20 years.

And perhaps it’s because Nicola lived through the fall of the Berlin Wall that she’s now striving to build bridges between France and Germany!

Thanks to this dual Franco-German culture, and its cutting-edge marketing and communications know-how, Wombat navigates daily between the “deutsche Qualität” and the “French touch”.

A mix that could well make all the difference… Oder?

In French or auf Deutsch?
Ask for Wombat!

Thanks to its bilingual culture, Wombat is able to adapt your company’s communication strategy from one country to another… by integrating the constraints of markets, targets and local specificities.

Whether you’re a German company looking to enter the French market, or a French company looking to communicate on the German market…

Wombat builds bridges between the 2 countries.

The 5 keys

of a successful Franco-German marketing strategy:

  • Cultural coherence for a sustainable presence in Germany: Adapt your corporate image to the local culture, taking into account the specific preferences and values of the German market. The aim is to establish solid relationships, build trust and ensure a long-term presence in the market.
  • Facilitating communication: Simplify communication with customers by eliminating language barriers. The aim is to create a seamless customer experience that inspires trust.
  • Building brand awareness: Implement a targeted marketing strategy to increase the company’s visibility in the German market. This includes creating advertising campaigns, participating in local events and actively promoting your brand.
  • Relevant content strategy: Create and distribute quality content in German to reinforce your credibility as an industry expert and engage your target audience.
  • Conversion and retention: Strive to convert prospects into customers and build loyalty. This involves careful follow-up, effective management of the sales cycle and the creation of an exceptional customer experience to encourage long-term loyalty.

Our Franco-German offer


Adapting your corporate identity to the German market


Gain visibility in Germany


Generate leads for your subsidiary in Germany

1. Germanize your corporate image.

  • Social media optimization in German: We’ll help you create and manage professional pages on social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) in German, taking into account your target audience and objectives.
  • Website adaptation: We’ll design a German version of your website based on the French version, taking into account the specifics and requirements of the German market. This adaptation will also take into account the cultural and behavioral differences of your target audience.
  • Creation of printed materials in German: We will design printed materials such as flyers, brochures, product catalogs, business cards, etc., in German, to help you effectively promote your products or services in Germany.
  • Adaptation of marketing content: We’ll ensure that all marketing materials, such as brochures, presentations and advertising materials, are carefully adapted to the German language to reflect your brand image accurately and convincingly.
  • Message development in German: We’ll help you formulate a corporate message in German that effectively communicates your value proposition to German customers, highlighting the benefits and solutions you offer in the local market.
  • In-house training: If necessary, we’ll also offer training sessions for your team on the key elements of Germanized corporate identity, to ensure consistency in communication and interaction with German customers.

The main aim of this approach is to create a strong, memorable corporate identity in Germany, reinforcing your credibility and attractiveness in this market, while respecting local standards and preferences.

2. Gain visibility

  • Monthly social network management: We’ll keep your social network pages up and running in German, publishing 2 to 4 articles per month to maintain an active presence and engage your audience.
  • Blog content creation: We’ll produce German-language blog content and liaise with your social networks to ensure optimum dissemination of information.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): We’ll integrate relevant keywords and perform SEO work to improve your visibility on search engines in Germany.
  • Press: We’ll develop relevant, eye-catching press releases in German for local and industry-specific media. This strategy is designed to maximize media coverage of your company, boosting awareness and credibility in the German market. We’ll also follow up with journalists and publications to ensure optimum dissemination of your news and events.

3. Generate Business Opportunities

  • Landing Page Design: We’ll create a specific landing page in German to convert visitors into leads.
  • Lead generation tunnel: We’ll set up a structured process to capture, qualify and track leads generated by your marketing activities in Germany.
    Targeted traffic generation: We’ll use various German channels to drive qualified traffic to your Landing Page.
  • Lead handling in Germany: Your leads will be handled by your sales team in Germany, or by bilingual sales resources provided by one of our partners in Germany.
  • Regular monitoring and optimization: We’ll monitor results on a weekly basis, adjust the tunnel, optimize the Landing Page and manage traffic according to KPIs (key performance indicators) to maximize lead generation efficiency.

Together, these services will offer a complete solution to help French companies successfully enter the German market, taking into account local culture and specificities.

Nicola Wodtke,

Franco-German... and proud of it!

“I arrived in France over 20 years ago after several experiences abroad. These years of exile gave me a taste for cultural mixing and borderless communication!

I quickly perceived the difference in approach between the 2 countries of Germany and France, and with my background in communications, media and design, I naturally wanted to work on Franco-German communications.

Bridging the gap between Germany, my native country, and France, my host country, is an exciting challenge for me.

This dual identity helps to nurture me and push me to be more creative and relevant in my job as a communicator.

Ich bin eine Berlinerin… but in French!”

The Franco-German approach

  • Ensuring consistency between French and German communication strategies, while adapting to the country’s culture and customs.
  • Liaison and mediation between French and German management.
  • Physical support for German and French contacts.
  • Product launch campaign adapted to the target country. Implementation of communication actions according to market maturity. Actions adapted to the behavior of the country’s target audience.
  • Adaptation of your communication media from one country to another (brochures, catalogs, website, etc.).

The Wombat plus

  • Mastery of both French and German languages and cultures.

  • Implementation of Franco-German communication strategies.

  • Development and implementation of a brand on the French and/or German market.

  • Expertise in 360° communications.

  • Reactive and flexible organization.

Setting up your light antenna or subsidiary

in one of our partner business centers

Depending on the nature of your project and your objectives, we will work with our partners in Germany to determine the legal structure best suited to your market presence. The light antenna, an informal but effective approach to initiating business relations, and the subsidiary, a legal entity registered in the commercial register, are two options we will explore according to your needs.

  • Personalized German address and telephone number
  • Display of your company name at the entrance to one of our partners’ buildings
  • Telephone redirection for efficient communication via our partners
  • Switchboard and answering service for a professional presence
  • Management of your postal service
  • Provision of storage space to suit your needs

These solutions offer total flexibility for starting up and expanding your business in Germany.